Order Process

I love sharing my worn panties with the world, I have a knicker fetish so I enjoy used panties as much as you do.

At the moment I am selling my panties & shortsthongs & G-stings, fullbacks, worn clothing and footwear. These vary in sizes, styles, material and colour but they’re all very sexy and stylish! Depending on the type of material/length of time worn my scent may vary but I can guarantee you’ll still be receiving a tasty treat!

How to order

If you would like to own a pair of my used panties they can be yours in a few simple steps!

  1. Simply decide which pair of panties take your fancy. They will all have a name and a picture to match. There’s a page for panties & shorts thongs & g-strings , fullbacks and footwear
  2. Think about how many days you would like me to wear the particular panties for you and decide what condition you would like to receive them in.
  3. Then let me know what you would like either using the order forms at the bottom of each page or by contacting me personally on provocativepanties@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Pay for the panties. When I have received your order I will contact you providing an invoice and sending you payment details. I accept bank transfer (UK only) or Amazon gift certificate. If you are an international buyer please contact me to discuss the payment options available. When payment is complete I will start wearing the selected panties for the chosen amount of time then simply wait for your very own pair of my used panties to arrive. This is usually within a few days of me receiving payment.

How do you like your panties?

When you’ve decided which panties you would like me to wear, it is up to you to decide how long I wear them for. The longer I wear them for the stronger the scent will be and the longer it will last so all the better for you!

After deciding how long the panties will be worn for, think about what you want me to do while wearing the panties! Use your imagination, what would your ultimate fantasy involve? Currently the most popular requests are long term wear, masturbating in them, peeing in my panties and having sex while wearing the panties. However there are other things I can do like pussy stuffing my panties and to cum all over them! 😛

  • All used panties are worn for a minimum 24hrs for free but may be worn for longer if you prefer stronger scented panties! 48hrs is charged at £5 and 72hrs will be £10.
  • If you want your panties really creamy and covered in my juices I will masturbate in them for £5, masturbate in them multiple times for £7 or pussy stuff them for £10. Pussy stuffing involves me masturbating while stuffing the panties deep inside me so they are covered in my wetness! I find doing this very erotic and such a turn on!
  • I will also pee in my panties for an additional £10 so they will arrive with a very strong scent! However if you would prefer only a light scent of pee I can add just a few pee drops for £5.
  • Panties worn before and after sex to get them extra juicy is £10.
  • I will also leave  heavy “skid marks” in the panties for £10 or light stains for £5. We can discuss this when you place your order.

If you have seen a pair of panties (or anything else!) elsewhere that you would like me to wear, simply email me and I’m sure we can arrange a special treat for you!

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