Sad news…

Hi panty lovers,

Unfortunately I have some bad news. Some of you may know I was involved in an accident back in October which led breaking my leg. Cutting a long story short, I’ve had a lot of complications which means I am unable to continue panty selling any time in the near future. This saddens me greatly but at this time I need to put my health first. 

Panty selling has been a big part of my life for almost 5 years and I have loved every second and will miss all of my panty lovers so much. Over the next month I will start the process of taking down my website and closing my accounts. I very much hope to be back on the panty scene in the future, but at this time I can’t say when that will be. 

Over the years I have gathered a pretty big panty collection, not just the ones listed on my site, I have LOADS more! It would be such a shame for these to go to waste. So I am selling the collection as a whole lot to one lucky panty lover, unworn for £40 or with a few pairs worn for £55. 

If you’re interested in owning my panty collection email me at

Love and kisses

PP xoxoxoxo 

Panty selling on pause!

Hi panty lovers,

Unfortunately and unexpectedly I will have to put panty selling on pause for 2-3 months as I will be out of action for a while due to an operation.

I will check back in when I can but all orders will be put on hold until I am active again. I will try to keep all my panty lovers updated and nearer the time I will let you know when I will be selling again.

Hope to be back soon!
Love PP

Dirty festival panties

Hey panty lovers,

I have just been away for the weekend and have 3 pairs of used festival panties left over. They are available to post straightaway! So no queues or waiting lists. They are only £10 each or all 3 for £25.

Email me at or use the contact page to get your hands on a pair! You won’t be disappointed!



Buy one get one free panty special!!

Hey panty lovers,

I’ve currently got a buy one get one free offer on all my panties for this weekend only!

The offer is running from now until Bank Holiday Monday.

It’s the perfect chance to get your hands on my yummy used panties!

The offer includes additional days wear and extras; the cheapest pair being free.

Enjoy your weekend!
Love PP xoxo

Panty orders postponed

Hi panty lovers,

Just a quick message to say all things panty related will be put on hold for 2-3 weeks as I will be away on work business and then I will be moving house. I will respond to all orders and enquiries when everything is back to normal 🙂

Sorry about any inconvenience.

Love PP xoxo

Win my Used Panties

Hey panty lovers,

It’s time for Panty Trust to celebrate another milestone!

When they reach their 5000th follower they will be giving one lucky follower the chance to win a pair of used panties from one of their members.


To enter the Twitter Competition and have the chance to win my panties, simply follow @Panty Trust and tweet:

” Hi @PantyTrust I want to enter the 5000 Milestone #PantyTrustComp and win #usedpanties “

Go on, how can you resist a free pair of yummy used panties!

Enter @PantyTrust Twitter Competition and win a pair of my used panties!

Click and Enter:


More info here:

Worn panty and bra sets

Hey panty lovers,

In the past my worn panties and bras have been quite popular so I decided to list a few more of my favourite pairs.

All panty and bra sets can be found on my worn clothing page.

The sets I currently have on my site are:

Red bra and panty set - £20

Red bra and panty set – £20

ProvocativePanties ©

Flamingo print bra and panties - £22

Flamingo print bra and panties – £22

ProvocativePanties ©

Black and white panty set - £22

Black and white panty set – £22

ProvocativePanties ©

Spotted bra and panty set - £20

Spotted bra and panty set – £20

ProvocativePanties ©

Panty drawer updates :)

Hey panty lovers,

I have treated myself to quite a few pairs of new panties recently, which has been lots of fun!

It’s taken a while but I have listed the first few pairs on my site. There is a variety of panties, thongs and fullbacks so something for everyone 🙂

I have also listed some new panty and bra sets for you all to enjoy!

Here are a few of my favourite items:

Purple satin front panties - £15

Purple satin front panties – £15

Pink and black fullbacks - £15

Pink and black fullbacks – £15

Flamingo print bra and panties - £22

Flamingo print bra and panties – £22

My used panty waiting list is now only around 2 weeks so get your orders in now to own a pair of my yummy panties!