New panties!

Hey panty lovers,

It has been soo long since I’ve had the chance to treat myself to some new panties! I have added a few more panties and thongs to my site. I hope you like them and enjoy them as much as I have!

Here are a few of my favourites:

Blue wonder woman panties - £13

Blue wonder woman panties – £13

Green lace g-string - £14

Green lace g-string – £14

Black cotton panties - £14

Black cotton panties – £14

Love PP xoxo

Satin Panty Bundle

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Hey panty lovers,

It’s been a  long time since I last posted but I’m back with a super sexy deal for all you satin lovers!

A very long time ago I purchased some gorgeous satin panties while on holiday. When I returned home, I sadly realised that all of the panties were too small for me and had been marked as the wrong size! They have been sat in my panty drawer ever since, so I’ve finally decided that if I cant enjoy them, someone else can!

There are 6 pairs of very luxurious panties up for sale, in a range of colours, approx a size Small (UK size 8-10).  As I can’t wear the panties for you, you can purchase all 6 pairs unworn for only £50 (a saving of approx £55!)

I may not be able to wear the panties for you, but extras such as masturbation, pussy stuffing etc. are still available.

First come first serve, dont miss out on these beautiful panties! Email me at

Love PP xoxo

In the event that the satin panty bundle does not sell, I will sell the panties individually for £10 a pair.

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Buy one get one free panty special!!

Hey panty lovers,

I’ve currently got a buy one get one free offer on all my panties for this weekend only!

The offer is running from now until Bank Holiday Monday.

It’s the perfect chance to get your hands on my yummy used panties!

The offer includes additional days wear and extras; the cheapest pair being free.

Enjoy your weekend!
Love PP xoxo

New panties… finally

Hey panty lovers,

It has been ages since I last wrote  a blog post!

I have been ridiculously busy over the past couple of months with moving house, a new job and trying to sort out my internet connection problems!

Finally, I am back in pantyland and have got round to uploading some new panties for you all to enjoy! Here are a few of my favourites:

Blue stripped panties - £14

Blue stripped panties – £14


Pink satin and lace panties - £18

Pink satin and lace panties – £18


Multi-coloured spotted shorts- £14

Multi-coloured spotted shorts- £14

I currently have around a 2-3 week wait for my used panties as I’m catching up with orders.

I’m so glad to be back!

Love PP xoxo

Panty drawer updates :)

Hey panty lovers,

I have treated myself to quite a few pairs of new panties recently, which has been lots of fun!

It’s taken a while but I have listed the first few pairs on my site. There is a variety of panties, thongs and fullbacks so something for everyone 🙂

I have also listed some new panty and bra sets for you all to enjoy!

Here are a few of my favourite items:

Purple satin front panties - £15

Purple satin front panties – £15

Pink and black fullbacks - £15

Pink and black fullbacks – £15

Flamingo print bra and panties - £22

Flamingo print bra and panties – £22

My used panty waiting list is now only around 2 weeks so get your orders in now to own a pair of my yummy panties!



Summer Sale!

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Hey panty lovers,

I thought a summer panty sale would be a fun idea!

 It means you can get your hands on more panties and it gives me an excuse to go panty shopping 🙂

You can now get 3 pairs of surprise panties, worn for up to 3 days each for only £30!


10% off your panty order total! 


The summer panty sale is running until 14/08/2013


Holidays and other exciting news!

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Hey panty lovers,

Just a quick message to let you all know I will be on holiday fom 13/06 to 18/06 so I will respond to all emails and orders when I return 🙂

In other news, this weeks Panty Trust Awards category is Upskirt pics and you can see my entry above!

I hope you like it! If you do I would be really grateful if you could head over to the link below and vote for me!