Satin Panty Bundle

ProvocativePanties ©

Hey panty lovers,

It’s been a  long time since I last posted but I’m back with a super sexy deal for all you satin lovers!

A very long time ago I purchased some gorgeous satin panties while on holiday. When I returned home, I sadly realised that all of the panties were too small for me and had been marked as the wrong size! They have been sat in my panty drawer ever since, so I’ve finally decided that if I cant enjoy them, someone else can!

There are 6 pairs of very luxurious panties up for sale, in a range of colours, approx a size Small (UK size 8-10).  As I can’t wear the panties for you, you can purchase all 6 pairs unworn for only £50 (a saving of approx £55!)

I may not be able to wear the panties for you, but extras such as masturbation, pussy stuffing etc. are still available.

First come first serve, dont miss out on these beautiful panties! Email me at

Love PP xoxo

In the event that the satin panty bundle does not sell, I will sell the panties individually for £10 a pair.

ProvocativePanties ©

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