I treated myself to new panties!

Hey panty lovers,

Christmas is coming! I’m so excited, I love this time of year 😀

So, I recently noticed that my panty draw was looking a bit empty and planned to go panty shopping in the new year. But I just couldn’t control myself! I was browsing online the other day and treated myself to a pile of gorgeous panties. Here’s a couple of my favourite pairs:

Red and black panties - £12

Red and black panties – £12

Cotton spotted thong - £12

Cotton spotted thong – £12

Make sure you take a look at all my new panties, I’m sure you will love them as much as I do! I bought a selection so there’s new panties, shorts, thongs and fullbacks to choose from 🙂

Also for any christmas gifts purchased from my wishlist below I will be sending a special pic set of some of my favourite photos from 2012 to say thank you! The price of the gift does not matter, I will be sending the photo set to everyone who send me a present!


Merry Christmas panty lovers and don’t forget to treat yourself to some used panties or my Christmas stocking special!


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