How to order my used panties!

Hey panty lovers,

I’ve made a few changes to my order process to hopefully make it easier to get your hands on a pair of my yummy used panties! I have reduced the price of additional days wear and added a few more extras to tempt your fancy 🙂

Here’s a summary of how to order a pair of my used panties:

  1. Firstly decide on which panties you like, there will always be a name and a picture to match. I have a page for panties & shorts thongs & g-strings , fullbacks and footwear
  2. Then decide how long you want me to wear the panties for 1 Day- free, 2 Days – £5, 3 Days – £10, 3+ days – £10 per day.
  3. Choose any extras you may want – Wear them – free, Masturbate in them – £5, Masturbate in them multiple times – £7, Worn before during and after sex – £10, Pee drips in them – £5, Pussy stuff them – £10, Pee in them – £10, Light Ass stains – £5, Heavy Ass stains – £10
  4. Let me know what you want by using the order forms at the bottom of each page. I will personally reply to your order via email 🙂
  5.  After receiving  your order I will contact you providing an invoice and send you payment details. I accept bank transfer (UK only), Second Life transfer, Amazon email gift certificate , credit card payment or 3V vouchers.
  6. After receiving payment, depending on my waiting list I will start wearing the panties for you as soon as possible  then just wait for your own yummy pair of my used panties to arrive.

I hope this helps, my waiting list is currently empty so today is the perfect time to order a pair of my used panties for yourself 🙂

Love ProvocativePanties xoxo

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