Hey Panty Lovers!

So I as I mentioned in a previous blog I have been invited by my friend to a lovely log cabin at the end of June. It’s really sweet of her as she knows I’ve been having a tough time lately. There is really no time left to prepare as we go on the 26th June!

Because I wasn’t planning on going away anywhere this year, I need some help from my panty lovers!  I’ve made a list of some of the stuff I would like to take on holiday with me and I would love if you could help me!

 Anyone who buys gifts for my holiday will be thanked with special sexy treats in return! I’m also going to send a panty tease video to everyone who contributes to my holiday shopping!

My holiday wishlist can be found here – http://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1CZNO7LXLCE2P

The items I need most are the boots, underwear and trousers.

Please panty lovers, help me have a nice break away 🙂


I also wanted to update you all and let you know that my waiting list is now around 2 weeks


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