A short wait for my panties and updates!

Hey panty lovers,

Just thought I’d let you all know that I have a waiting list of approximately 1 week for my panties at the moment.  This is a relatively short wait for my panties as in the past I’ve had 3 week waiting lists and I hate making people wait!

I’ve also added lots of sexy thongs to my site recently which I can’t wait to wear for you! I absolutely love to wear thongs when it’s hot and summery. Especially if I’m wearing a skirt so I can feel the breeze!

Here’s a few of my favourite thongs I have listed at the moment:

Teal nylon thong – £14

Black lace thong – £12

Red nylon g-string – £12

I’m also planning a few updates to my site in the next few weeks so if you have any suggestions on new items you would like me to list, extras you would like me to offer or special offers etc  just let me know through the contact me page.

Finally, I’m still in dire need of a replacement laptop since mine died. If anyone would like to replace it and receive lots of sexy treats in return, my wishlist can be found here. Alternatively, donations in the form of Amazon.co.uk email gift certificates can be purchased from here and made payable to provocativepanties@hotmail.co.uk.

Love ProvocativePanties xoxo

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