What I do with my panties….

So lately I’ve had a few questions about what I do with my panties before I wrap then up securely and post them off to my panty lovers. Well there’s no set answer, all my panties are custom and made to order.  My panty lovers let me know just what they want me to do in my panties and then I have fun doing it! Here’s a list of some of the common requests I get:

Masturbate in them – £5

Pussy stuff them – £10

Pee in the panties – £10

Pee drip panties – £5

Ass stuffed gusset – £10

Panties worn before, during and after sex (I simply pull them to the side!) – £10

 Panties worn before, during and after sex soaked in both mine and the guys cum – £15

I also get requests that aren’t listed here and I discuss these personally with the buyers to see exactly how they want their panties prepared. If you have have a request that isn’t listed here, don’t be shy feel free to email me and we can discuss it. I’m open to most requests (panty related) and if I’m not able to fulfil your request, I may be able to point you in the direction of someone who will 🙂

You can always contact me via email at provocativepanties@hotmail.co.uk or via the contact me section on my site.


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