Site updates :)

Hey Panty Lovers,

I’ve been making some changes to my site recently, hopefully making ordering my panties a little easier and more straightforward  🙂

You may notice I no longer have an order form page, this is because I now have a dedicated order form at the bottom of each of the panties, thongs, footwearextra goodies and specials pages.

This hopefully makes it easier when ordering my items as you no longer have to swap between the pages or have to remember what items you want.

In addition to this I now have a few new ways I can prepare my panties for you! I like to cater to everyone’s fetishes and tastes so I now offer:

Pee drip panties – £5

Ass stuffed panties – £10

Panties worn before, during and after sex (I simply pull them to the side!) – £10

and due to numerous requests: Panties worn before, during and after sex soaked in both mine and the guys cum – £15

All these extras are available in the drop-down menus of the new order forms 🙂

If you have any other ways in which you want me to prepare my panties just email me and we can discuss it. I’m pretty open minded and up for most panty related antics 😛

Love ProvocativePanties

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