Provocative Panties returns!

Cookie Monster cotton boy shorts - £12

Hey Panty Lovers,

Some of you may have noticed  I’ve been a bit quiet for the past few weeks, well the reason behind that was I had piles of uni work I just couldn’t put off any longer.

The good news is it is all done now and I’m free from university assignments forever! However, I also have bad news! My exams begin in about a months time 😦

This means I will be spending the next month or so in the library revising but do not fear! I will still be finding lots of time for sharing my love of panties with the world! 😛

I’m also going to be starting a healthy eating/fitness regime this week (wish me luck!) so hopefully because of all the exercise, I’ll be making some extra special scented panties for you all!

Don’t forget, I currently have a spring sale on so lots of my panties are reduced and I even have a 2 pairs for £14 deal on selected panties!


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